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    Thought people might like to know that I just purchased from a new Treo 600 (w/ AT&T service) for $249 with an additional $100 rebate if you sign for 2 years rather than 1.

    I had been watching the price change from $449 last week, to $349 this morning (both with the same $100 rebate) until the price changed again tonight.

    Data plans shown do not show the $49.99 Unlimited plan, but I confirmed with AT&T Customer Service that I can change that after 30 days.

    The longer part of this story is that after reading the forums here I bought a 600 for $449 through an AT&T store and just returned it yesterday on the 30th day of the try and buy. I mentioned to the store rep that I was returning it based on the info I got here at TC in the hope that the ACE would be available in a couple months. The store rep happened to mention that the Palm rep had been in the week before an indicated that they shouldn't expect it till December.

    Thanks to all of the posters for the great info you provided over the last 30+ days and thanks for giving me such remorse at returning it that I checked Amazon again.!!!!!!

    A 2 day shipping away from being a happy Treo user again!
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    Hmmm..pushing inventory for the Ace...Maybe its coming sooner then we think.
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    man, what a load of crap. Sprint has had this out the longest and the price has never been this cheap. Oh well, I'm still glad I bought this phone as soon as it came out. It seems like at least once a week someone is asking me all about it.
  4. #4 is the link for the $149 treo deal with att... its on amazon
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    Does anyone know if this deal also applies for existing ATT customers who are not locked into a contract?
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    One problem, im with ATT now (out of contract), but the cost of data is sky high....this is what keeps me from getting the treo with att
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eurokitty
    Does anyone know if this deal also applies for existing ATT customers who are not locked into a contract?
    This would be for new contracts only. I am also an AT&T user out of contract. When I called AT&T Customer Service (who I bought the $449 Treo from) they were amazed at the price, but aren't able to match it.

    The down side is I will need to cancel one of my two existing AT&T phone numbers (mine or my wife's). As I use mine for my business and she uses it on a limited, personal basis, I am also considering swapping phones (SIM cards are interchangeable) but giving her the new phone number since it will have less impact.

    Most importantly, $149 price won't make me feel bad about buying the new Ace product when it is available.
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    Jesus.. three four years ago I paid $150 for my Nokia 7160... A year ago I paid $150 for a Treo 180 and now the Treo 600 is $150... Think i'll hold off on being an early adoptor of the Treo Ace
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    whats a t reo ace?

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