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    Quote Originally Posted by tonyricciardi
    Hello all,
    I'm a Mac user who will be upgrading to a Treo 600/610/Ace, from a Treo 270 when my present contract expires. Count me in sounds great. Mel Jones.
    As some of you know, I work for a small, but well-known Macintosh consulting firm here in Manhattan. The entire company uses the Treo 600 and we are all avid palm users since the days of the US Robotics device.

    I am interested in starting a Treo-Macintosh site which will include news, reviews, bulletin boards, chatroom etc. It will obviously focus on Treo/Macintosh integration.

    Since TreoCentral is where I spend the bulk of my time, I'd like to poll the Mac users here as to their interest level on a Macintosh/Treo site and if it's worth the effort.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Treo-Mac site would probably be preferable. I think Palm-Mac may already be partly covered by other sites and a Palm-Mac would take away from the focus and nuances of the Treo.


    Quote Originally Posted by tonyricciardi
    That's a possibility. The only reason I would opt to do a site on our own is to offer a little more than treocentral does, no offense

    I'd like to have things like Mac-specific downloads, a chat room perhaps.

    Anyway, if the interest is enough, I'll get rolling on it.

    One last question...would the mac people prefer a treo-mac site or a more general palm-mac site? For example, bluetooth issues , may not be discussed in a treo-mac site due to the lack of bluetooth support on the treo, but they WOULD be discussed on a palm-mac site.

    Thanks again all.
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    This sounds cool.

    If you need content contributions let me know.

    If you need design work (logos, Flash work... ), let me know.
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    Fine with me...
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    Maybe this Mac & Treo site will be able to cover things like iTunes (and AAC protected iTunes Music Store songs) coming to the next generation Treo.

    Apple is kicking this initiative off with the next generation of Motorolas like the V3 which I anticipate being announced tomorrow.

    Sexy looking phone:
    Motorola V3 image #1
    Motorola V3 image #2

    Here is Apple's press release:

    Will the next Treo get this too?

    Oh please, please, please Apple.
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    I'm interested too!
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    count me in too
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    Me, Me, Me..... I want, I want, I want.

    Aka, yes please. And yes. I would even be happy to write stuff for it, although can't promise on quality.....

    If you think your happy who am I to disagree?
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    i'll have some fries with that please.
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    A Mac-Treo site would be great, but a Mac-Palm site is generally more useful (but no sense in being redundant if there is already a good Mac-Palm site). With the exception of WirelessModem, everything else I do on my Treo that relates to my Mac are generic Palm things, not Treo specific things.

    Regardless, what's important is for a critical mass of Mac-Palm and Mac-Treo users to meet in one place. The new Treo-mac forum here at TC may suffice for that, but an organized site offering more would still be great.
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    I'm down! I'll be the first to post the most necessary Mac OS X desktop apps to have to complement the Treo 600. Unfortunate that BTooth is absent from Treo because Apple took the step years ago to be the avant garde in this fledgling technology. Treo/Mac-specific site is what I would support.
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    Count me in!!
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    me too - I'm in - gimme a link!
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    We have just secured the domain

    This will be the location of our Treo/Macintosh site. We will begin working on the site in the coming weeks. We expect the site to be completed by September 1st.

    I appreciate all the offers of help. (We may take some of you up on it!)

    So, look for us soon.

    Tony Ricciardi
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    For all those interested, please send an email to and we will put you on a one time only mailing list to notify you when is live.

    Also, if you are interested in contributing to the site at all, please indicate so in your email. We are specifically looking for bulletin board moderators, content editors and beta testers. You will be given an email address as well as access to portions of the site.
    Tony Ricciardi
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