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    this is pure fantasy, projection, and hopeful thinking. this is what i hope is going to be the future of the treo.

    1) 1 gigahertz intel multithreading processor

    2) optimized blazer / reqwireless webviewer browser - all sites at fast formatting

    3) evdo broadband speeds / wifi capability

    4) 4 megapixel camera with video recording

    5) 128 mb memory

    6) fuel cell battery - 12 hour talk time

    7) anti virus software - auto updates like norton and personal firewall

    8) high definition lcd screen like hdtv

    9) television capable.

    10) receive news with video streaming attached to each story.

    11) superior sound speakers for mp3 and internet radio

    12) kazaa on the treo - download music from kazaa ONTO THE TREO directly.
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    oh...oh....u forgot the built in george foreman grill and the all important back scratcher!
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    well those you can buy as peripheral accessories as a bundled packeage, but they drain the battery too fast....
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    my fantasy treo ace can with a push of a button get girls wet. Like orgazmo!
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    interesting add-on

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