Anyone know of a way to change the voicemail speedial?
The built in voicemail speedial snarfs the voicemail box number from the SIM card where it's stored. But the treo doesn't allow you to edit it.
Cingular screwed up and programed my SIM incorrectly. On the phone they told me to edit my voicemail speedial to a different (the correct) one which they gave me on the phone.

This is one of the idiotic things about the Treo. YOu can not edit the voice mail speedial, and you can not edit the network settings stored on the SIM.

When I put my SIM into my samsung phone, I was able to edit the voicemail speedial and save it back to the SIM. Once I put the sim back in my Treo, it read the new number in for the voicemail speedial.

With the treo as advanced and smart as it is, why doesn't it allow you better programming of the SIM information like other phones?

Anyone know how to change this setting in the Treo, or it just something you have to use another phone to do?

I found this other thread, it was no help: