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    Does anyone know how to retrieve the duration of the calls on the Treo 600? I can't seem to figure this out! Do I really need to purchase a 3rd party phone app to get the calls duration?
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    There is a couple of ways of enabling the call duration reporting in the call log.

    1. Install the call duration patch for Sprint Treo 600s.
    2. Another option is to install a skin overlay, which will turn on the call duration as well as modify the way that the dial pad and favorites looks like. Checkout AQUA buttons and JC buttons.

    You can get all these things from
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    Thanks for the pointers Alex, I'll check them out when I have access to my sync cable later...
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    Here's a link to the patch for Sprint Treo600's:
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    Thanks for the URL, the call duration patch works great!

    I wonder why Sprint removed it in the first place!!!
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    Good looking out GFunk .

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