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    Hi, everyone. I appreciate the posts from all of you.

    I have had my Treo 600/T-Mobile since early March 2004. Overall, I am happy with the device, T-Mobile, etc.

    Every once in a while I have an issue and a soft reset fixes the problem. For example, my device quit ringing and would take voice messages as if I was not answering calls. Another time, trying to pull up web pages would give me a Try Again Later message or some such. I figured I was out of memory or something. In both cases a soft reset fixed the problem.

    The problem is when the device needs a soft reset I do not necessarily know that.

    Any reason why soft resetting daily is bad idea?

    Also, any guesses as to who the responders here will be? I have at least one and I thank him in advance.

    Robert in Austin, Texas Summer is finally getting hot here.
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    I've never heard that soft resetting daily causes problems; its just like rebooting a computer ~ consider it refreshing.

    There is no definitive way to know that a soft reset is called for. If your Treo is acting the way that it should, resetting wont be necessary; but if you do it, it wont hurt.

    Quote Originally Posted by AusTexTreo600
    The problem is when the device needs a soft reset I do not necessarily know that.
    No message will appear that says, "reset me now." That would be left to users intervention of their device. Again, if its not performing properly....reset.
    ~ ScandaLous ~
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    SprintPCS has told me on several occasions that a daily reset is an excellent idea - not just with the Treo but with all cell phones on their network.

    I had a StarTac TDMA on Cingular and never had any problems where a daily reset helped anything. I guess that just goes to show what works and what doesn't!
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    I've been using a T600 on T-Mobile since last Nov. Sometimes I notice that button events get slow or repeated (hit a button and get a bunch of events in a row). This seems to be fixed with a soft reset. I have BackupBuddy do a
    full backup to an SD card nightly at 3am. It would be great to do a soft reset after I do my backup or maybe every night at 4am. Anybody know a way to do this?

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