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    i called into CS to add Tzones to my account so that I may use the blazer browser. three days after i added it, my blazer still did not work so i called in and the first rep told me i needed to add the PDA mobile internet option for $19.99. I really do not want to have to pay that $19.99 fee.

    is this true that i need this package? how are you guys able to use blazer with just the tzone package??? this sucks that i have to pay an extra $19.99 on top of the freakin $82 i pay just to have mobile web. i don't care about logging into a ssl sight. i just want to be able to check my email or ebay auctions...
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    you should be able to get some funtionality (maybe not the full internet experience), from the free wap or the T-zones add on.

    do a search on the t-mobile sectionand on howard's forums for more info.

    did u tell them you had a treo?
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    I used to use just the free wap, but I was worried that they might start cracking down on that so I added TZones. Didn't seem to make much of a difference, I still am able to access all the same stuff as I could with just the free wap. that includes POP3, HTTP, and IMAP ports (and although I shouldn't be able to, I can also often stream shoutcast on ports other than 80, or even access HTTPS sites). you shouldn't need to pay $20 for "unlimited internet" as they call it, but if you mention you're using a treo 600 they will tell you that it is the only plan available for it.

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