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    Hey, I was hoping someone could give me some GPS info. I'm just starting to learn about this. The first basic question is, do I need a monthly service plan with any GPS 'provider'? If yes, how much do they cost? If not, how is this possible?

    Also, how does this work? I mean, if I'm in North Dakota with no cell coverage, will it still work? Or does it need cell towers to work properly?

    Finally, what's the best software to use, and generally speaking, how much memory does it require on my palm? Does it "speak"? Can it "live track" where you are? I've rented a car once with GPS, and it was pretty cool to have the thing say "turn left in 1/10 of a mile...."

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    It costs nothing to use GPS. I believe the GPS satellites were provided by the military originally and right now has open access to everybody. I could be wrong though.

    GPS requires a separate piece of hardware, and in the case of the Treo 600, the only option is a GPS mouse that connects to the port on the bottom of the phone. The most popular one is the i.Trek. If you do a search for that name, you should find other threads here discussing GPS and the Treo. Just searching for GPS will provide a lot more discussions on this topic.

    Right now, the best software for the USA appears to be Mapopolis, and I would assume it has maps for other areas of the world. I know some other GPS software is available in Europe and tend to only have european maps.

    The latest Mapopolis beta added SD card support, so that opens up the amount of space you have available for maps to the size of your memory card. The amount of memory used really depends on how many maps you have loaded and how large the maps are. Certain areas of the US have large maps, such as LA. A version of Mapopolis does speak the directions.

    The exact reason to use GPS is to track your current location live.
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    There is one released GPS that makes use of the SDIO slot. It is the iGolf and it is expensive at $249 (and seems only to be available from Innovagolf's website) versus about $100 for most of the GPS mouse units.

    On the upside, you can easily take it with you while hiking or golfing (as it was primarily designed for), while most of the mouse units require some external power source, which makes it difficult to use outside of a car. On the downside, especially since the latest Mapopolis beta now supports access of maps from the SD card, you are forced to manage map memory yourself since you won't be able to slot both the GPS and memory card at the same time.

    I find it more convenient to simply swap in the GPS unit as I need it. I briefly tried out the iTrek and decided that I preferred the convenience of the iGolf, but I can easily see another user favoring the iTrek or some other GPS mouse. I just wanted to clarify that there are other options available which do work right now.

    Now if only Bluetooth were available to us, a whole other class of GPS units would become available as well ...
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    I have been looking into this too. What I have learned is that for the Treo, it seems the Haicom HI204S/Mapopolis bundle from is the best (I have no affiliation with any of these companies). The Haicom mouse is supposedly more advanced than the iTrek since it has the latest hardware for linking with the satellites. There is a whole thread here:

    Also, check out for loads of information.
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    I haven't tried any of these people you're talking about but do have extensive experience with Delorme and their products. When the 610 comes out, the best GPS product I am betting on is Street Atlast for palm os (i use it) with the bluetooth GPS receiver.

    Street level GPS maps.

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    Ok, thanks very much for all the info, I really appreciate it. Everything now is pretty clear. How cool would it be if Palm offered the option internal GPS on the next Treo model?
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    Yes, it would be very cool. There is one Palm device that does have built-in GPS, and that is the Garmin iQue 3600.

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