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    undefinedundefinedundefinedI have a Treo 600 and T-Mobile is my carrier. I have been learning a few codes to use with the dialpad. For example, #*377 retrieves a message explaining the last crash. My last crash was on July 6, 2004, and it was attributable to the "camera."

    Anyway, I seek the code, if any, to disconnect from the Internet using the dialpad. Seems to me that is easier than having to access at several differenct menu locations such as Preferences/Network or When in Snapper from Options.

    The code, if any, and any other tips, will be appreciated.

    I think I saw here in treocentral several posts about jumping from calls and using conferencing, etc. Those tips are great and I look forward to trying them. I have very few calls where there are multiple parties, so it may be a while before I can play with the jumping, etc.

    Thanks and I enjoy the posts from all of you.

    Robert in Austin, Texas
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    Does not exist.

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