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    Hi everyone,
    I have a Treo 600 (unbranded) when I am on the phone, I am not able to access the contact list by pressing on the phone hard button. It should toggle between current call, contacts etc . Sometimes, I cannot even get into calendar or any other apps.
    I have Today loaded, and the Keyguard is activated, so I was wondering if one of these might be interfering.
    Has anyone else experienced this ? Any thoughts on how to solve this issue ?
    Many thanks for your insight.

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    A work around is the contacts file sloating around here which creates a contacts icon with all the rest of the icons. That way if your home key works on the keyboard, you will have access.
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    Hi Albertb and thanks for your workaround. I had not thought about that, even though I have read the threads before.
    However what stumps me is that I used to be able to switch views by pressing the phone button, and now this functionality has vanished ???
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    I've only had this problem when I receive a call with the Treo locked with the security app. It must be an interference caused by one of your apps because I can sure do this today and I have an unbraded Treo with the latest patch.
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    prefs,buttons, change phone to any other*

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