I work for an aviation manufacturer that is owned by a larger operating company. That larger operating company has an enterprise contract with Verizon to provide wireless services for all their companies. As a site benefit, employees get discounts on personal phones and service.

Twice a year they put out a list of phones available under the plan. The first list was effective from January until the end of June. Knowing the new list for the second half of the year would be on our Intranet, I looked it up today. I had to do a double-take when I saw the Treo 600 listed!

I immediately clicked on the B2B link we're supposed to use to order online. Wouldn't you know it, the Treo was not shown as available on that web order application. So, I called the customer service number given on our Intranet. It's not any special number; just a standard Retail customer line. I explained to the rep the whole story about our company contract and the Treo showing up on the list of phones available. He was very nice, and aknowledged that the Treo was, in fact, showing up in the system. But (I KNEW there was a "but" coming) they were not yet authorized to ship it through the retail sales channel. He apologized profusely (I think he could tell I was excited) and said "I can give you some more information about the phone if you would like." I said "No thanks, I know everything about it - I just want to BUY IT!" He laughed and said "well, you're going to have to pay $________ (not sure I should divulge what price we get it at with our corporate contract) when it is available!"

I told him that the phone is being shown on our company Intranet as available, and asked if there was anyone who could explain why that was if the phone was not yet available. He said that the phone very well could be available to corporate partners, but it just wasn't available through the retail channel that HE worked in. He suggested contacting Verizon's rep to our company. So, I looked up who that was and sent her an email. This was close to the end of the business day here in the midwest, and I hadn't heard back from her by 5:00 when I left.

I'll let you know what she says when she replies.