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    I'm contemplating getting the treo 600 from t-mobile ($500). I guess it's really more a wanting than anything. I don't really need it, but if I had my hands on it, I could probably find thousands of uses for it. (btw, does anybody have the info that treocentral posted which has now been taken down?) So now this begs the question, should I buy the treo 600 now? or wait for the treo 610? Maybe some pros/cons could help, but feel free just to rant.
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    no one even knows if the 610 REALLY exists or not

    but if you can wait till sept/oct for the new model...then get it
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    I don't think there is a 610.

    My understanding is there's a Treo 600, a Treo 600WOC (with out camera also seen it listed as Treo 600WC) and possibly soon to come a Treo 660 (aka Treo Ace).
    There also may be a 660 without camera.
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    I guess I meant the treo ace. i think there's been enough credible rumors to say that a new one is coming out in the fall, so i've decided to wait. I just hope it'll cost around $500 and that tmobile will carry it soon after its release.
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    Depends on who your carrier is and how fast they will approve the device for their network. (Especially VZW).

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