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    To all of you, thank you, for helping me get started understanding this beatiful monster-Treo 600. I've been lurking and learning and learning more, all the time because you folks are willing to share your knowledge. I've had my treo for about three months and it has been a humbling experience.

    My 1st phone had a defective earphone jack, out of the box. My 2nd lost the communicator during the firmware upgrade. I thought I was fairly tech, until now. I am technically on my 3rd phone, but was able to keep the second and return the 3rd replacement, after tech e-mailed me a fix after 11 days wait.

    I have been to tech support hell and through the firmware wars, oh my. It has become so much easier since finding this site. Your help and input has helped with a hundred issues and to find some very good software enhancements (which I gladly pay for based on your reviews) (Ryan gets his next month).

    Again, thank you all

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    You are Welcome. I am glad that the members of TreoCentral were able help out through all of your troubles. It's always nice to hear the success stories.
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    Hey Hubba23, just reading everything you wrote brings on a warm wholesome feeling. Welcome to this wonderful community. Hopefully everyone here is as just as greatful as you and I for this site and the information that we gather and share on it.

    Spread the love everyone.

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