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    Does anyone know where I can get the capability? Or, using it like a timer? (as opposed to setting an appointment.)
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    I know Palmary Clock can do this, I think Bob's alarm can too.
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    try a search of
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    Bigclock works fine as a timer. I've also tried Bob's alarm and it works great.
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    Toast Timer has always worked for me. Nice little free Open Source app.
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    Ditto for Bob's Alarm. Cheap and great.
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    MegaClock is probably the most full-featured clock I've seen. I like Palmary clock much better for its looks (lots of cool "skins" you can use) but its functionality sucks in comparison to MegaClock. I used to use BigClock on my Treo180, it's very basic but does the job (and I think is also free).
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    If you want free, I use a basic stop watch via DALauncher and a DA called Stopwatch. It just has a stopwatch for start, stop and reset. I use Volume Rocker (another freeware) to assign a side volume key to turn on the command bar and access the DAs.

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    I use TikTok, works great.
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    Bobs Alarm rules all. Most frequently used app on my Treo
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    Yes, Bob's Alarm does rule all. The interface has nice big buttons and works great with the Treo's 5 way navigator. Its easy to use AND powerful. I could list about 20 reasons why its so great but I'll just recommend trying it for yourself.
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    Yes in caps about Bob's Alarm. It'll do the stop watch routine very well and is one function that I use every day. Ben

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