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    I went to Canada (aye) over the weekend and came home to a FOUR HOUR wait at the Peace Bridge last night. I was so glad to have my Treo to catch up on all the business that has been going on here the last few days. Sometimes the posters here remind me of a dysfunctional family. It was definitely a great time killer.

    Just a side note - the US border agents did not search the U-Haul we brought back over. Nice that it kept our already long wait a little shorter but how secure is that?
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    COOL I do that all the time as well ... playing poker in class helps get me through
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    Quote Originally Posted by lb505
    I Sometimes the posters here remind me of a dysfunctional family. It was definitely a great time killer.

    Yes. We all seem to be way to hard on the manufacturers, but it helps keep them on their toes. Coming from a generation that started their career BEFORE there were even dedicated word processing machines, much less PC's, faxes, email, cell phones, etc. - a little perspective would do us all good.
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    the treo is always there for you when you need it
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    My Top 5 Treo Sanity Saver Moments:
    *Weekly 2-4 hour Dr Office waiting room visits.
    *Stuck in traffic, getting freeway traffic condition.
    *Checking web sale prices for Fry's (& other stores) AT Fry's (& other stores) to show to sales clerk how wrong they are
    *MSN, Yahoo Messenger, AIM. No need for full fledge phone calls & it saves minutes!
    *Yahoo maps/yellow pages!
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    I'm with you on that! I play Tetris on mine or surf when I'm stuck at airports, or on long flights, or in long lines. This is truly the Swiss Army knife of electronic gadgets!
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    Quote Originally Posted by dstrauss
    You rang?
    << My command as we escape Palm HQ with a new Pre 3>>.

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    The Treo keeps me from doubling over in boredom too. Being a multi-tasker (which I'm sure does not help my blood pressure) I'm afraid the unit provides yet another avenue to be present and absent at the same time.

    P.S. LB, I hear ya, that's one reason I'm no longer in favor of flying. The last time we took a flight (after 911) I actually got my mace through security two times (to a foreign country and back) when I realized it was on my keychain. I brought the issue to the airport's attention and phoned the airlines.
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