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    My dad currently has the VisorPhone/Visor Prism combo. For some reason today the module just stopped ringing. So now we have two choices: 1) Get a replacement visorphone from eBay, or 2) Get a Treo 270 from some online retailer.

    What should we do? It is recommended to get the Treo 270, replacement visorphone, or should we wait for that < $99 Treo coming later this year (if we can wait )?
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    get a replacement
    DealScanner - <- best deal site on the web
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    Better make sure you have some guarantees for your ebay purchase. eBay sales of quality product are dependent on credebility of seller.
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    Most eBay sellers are credible. But like anywhere, there's always bad apples in the bunch. My primary concerns are that I'm not buying from a new seller and that they have been selling long enough to have some feedback to indicate how trustworthy they are.
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    for $40 + shipping.

    Worked perfectly the last time I used it.

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