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    bclinger, i agree with you 100 percent.
    and bill cosby nailed it on the head.
    no responsibility, all party, no vision. and they reward images of this stuff on these lame brain videos - they look like morons! but, lol, they keep thinking they look cool. i dont know, how absurd.
    what else can you say, you know? hopefully sometime this millenium people will begin to make the evolutionary jump into responsible civilization, productivity and a little self - discipline.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 03Range
    He (Nelly) says "Hello Pharrell. Say hello to my fans." And Pharrell, (who Kaczman thinks is a rapper but is actually a producer) is pictured on the Treo 600 caller id screen saying hello.

    Do not become disgruntled simply because Nelly happens to be a stimulating artist with exquisite musical ability. Please do not become a womens' right lobbyist


    Wow that was tough. I hope this helps Woof although I'm sure your request was made out of jest.

    Thanks. No it wasn't in jest. I dont listen to crap er rap music and therefore am not familiar with the jargon.
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    If you liked that translation, you'll really find this one to be something else . It is the only attempt I've seen of a full translation of an entire track.
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    Quote Originally Posted by darnell
    If you liked that translation, you'll really find this one to be something else . It is the only attempt I've seen of a full translation of an entire track.
    Thats a great link darnell. In all seriousness I think its an excellent example of the lyrical prowess that some rappers demonstrate. This lyrical creativity is typically overlooked by individuals, who choose to label the music with some convenient stereotype rather than actually listen and appreciate the artform...

    Important Point: One must understand that because rap is simply talking over a beat as opposed to singing and holding a note, the lyrical content becomes increasingly important because less emphasis is placed on the delivery and more emphasis is placed on what the person is actually saying. In fact, I would argue that the lyrics in your average rap song far surpass the wit, substance, and creativity found in the best rock, country, and r&b tracks....

    "So, what's it gonna be? Him or me?
    We can cruise the world with pearls
    Gator boots for girls
    The envy of all women, crushed linen
    Cartier wrist-wear with diamonds in 'em
    The finest women I love with a passion
    Ya man's a wimp, I give that *** a good thrashin'"

    "High fashion - flyin' into all states
    Sexin' me while your man masturbates
    Isn't this great? Your flight leaves at eight
    Her flight lands at nine, my game just rewinds
    Lyrically I'm supposed to represent
    I'm not only a client, I'm the player president" -Notorious B.I.G. (R.I.P.) 1995

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    I agree that many of them display an exceptional level of talent. I've been listening to Hip Hop since the golden years of Africa Bambata. And over the years an obvious evolution took place in the culture. Some went down the road of filth for the cash. As rapper Common says "now you've gone Universal" (ie Universal Music Group, double meaning doing whatever to appeal to the world).

    I fully recognize their talent, however I cannot excuse the trash some choose to use their talent to endorse. No more than the guy who has good business sense but chooses to use it in running a drug business.

    I know all too well how bright minds make the wrong choices and no I won't make excuses for them. Heck, the kid that taught me Algebra when I could not "get it" was and is a major drug dealer in my old home town. I chose to go down the path of IT with my knowledge. He chose to deal dope and has caught 17 bullets because of it (yes 17 of them). All the while he has lived the filth in this music as many other kids do.

    So for me this is about my friends and family. This is not just some philosophical debate. Because while trying to show some of them the danger in this "so called" entertainment I care enough to share the risk with others.

    So yes they have talent and they are using it the wrong way. So they are simply making smut and garbage when their abilities enable them to do so much more. It is a choice they have made and I have no problem telling the world it is not acceptable.

    But hey, at least groups like The Roots are still coming with a positive vibe and their latest CD "Tipping Point" is pretty good.
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    i dont listen to rap. but the little i have heard - fifty cent, dmx,etc... im tellin ya - doesnt sound like a whole hell of a lot of intellectual effort or musical skill went into it.
    maybe once in a while there is an example of good talent in rap, but the majority of it just sounds like mishmashin about violence, women, power - you know - simple basic primal urges. not a lot of depth.
    using music thats already been made with their voices played over them to produce one of their 'NEW' releases! not a lot of talent required to do this.
    takes more to sing and make a symphony of sound work in rhythm than to talk beastially with loud bass and videos of excess and bravado. folks, that just doesnt inspire a whole bunch of admiration ya know? more like some awnry kids in a teenage playground. i dont know. talent to one person is not talent to another.
    who knows! but i have to say that trying to say rap is fine talent is trying to say pizza is a fine food. doesnt fly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by treobk214
    but i have to say that trying to say rap is fine talent is trying to say pizza is a fine food. doesnt fly.
    Like with pizza, it all depends on who's making the pie . And of course you have to like pizza.

    So with Hip Hop you have to at least have an appeal to the art form before you can know the good from the bad in terms of skill.

    And yes the message and the level of skill are 2 totally different things. Most popular music is low on the skills scale these days, rap included. And then with some music there is also the issue of the message being sent, that goes beyond just rap although rap has way too much of the negative.
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    youre right. there's nearly zero originality and true talent left in the music industry as a whole anymore.
    norah jones, sarah macclaughlin are two examples of true talent.
    brittany spears, avril levigne, and the like are the cheap fast food macdonald music of the day. its so boring and drab. all cliche, teeny and 'been done already' type of sound.
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    Very intelligent conversation going on folks. I primarily listen to music from my teenage/young adult days -- before the days of oversampling, when people sang songs about the dignity, respect and wholeness of self and relationships. These days, there's some real crazy music on popular radio stations ... there are no attempts at subtley(sp??) in their lyrics, it's overt and in your face.

    Reading through these threads, I really need to amp up my music critique/content skills about the music that my 15 year old may be listening to.
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    yeah, there's a healthy lot of trash to filter through these days. anything goes.
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    All this drama because Nelly has a Treo 600 in his video. How many show sightings have been posted to this forum where people have seen the Treo 600 featured somewhere else on someone's TV station.

    Ya'll have even gone so far to have mega debates about whether the phone so 'n' so had was a Treo or not.

    Why be so mad because Nelly has one?
    ~ ScandaLous ~
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    you missed the point. nelly having the treo is fine. thats wasnt the problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by treobk214
    you missed the point. nelly having the treo is fine. thats wasnt the problem.
    The point being that someone posted a Treo 600 sighting and this entire thread turned into musical politics.
    ~ ScandaLous ~
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    The problem is not with him having a Treo. In my opinion, one of the problems is that Palm One chose him to display their product. It definitely is not musical politics and frankly it takes zero talent to swear. Morals and what is right. I have little use for any company that uses someone representing the image he displays. His image does not display what is good about this country - only the negative side and that negative side is down right pornooooographic and very over blown and exaggerated. When I heard about this, I did write to PalmOne and expressed my dissatisfaction with their advertisement.

    In addition, the traditional style of whatever it is he does, does not represent the morality I want presented to my family/children. We speak of morals, values, treatment of others, respect - self respect included. He speaks of violence, I speak of violence as a last resort. Nothing good from anyone espousing what he does.

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    are ya seeing it, scandalex?
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    this is a very interesting thread and i'm trying to respect everyone's opinion. but when one says he wants treo/palm one to represent what's "moral" and "right" i wonder how that's defined. i'm not into musically represented violence either. but whose "morality" do we use as the rule? would you object, for example, if treo ran an ad in Playboy magazine? or the gay magazine, The Advocate? i certainly don't consider either of those publications "immoral".
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    Well the issue here is that a smut artist with a Treo is nothing to celebrate or even mention as something good or cool.

    theatreguy - You ask "who's morality do we use"? Let's start with morals that don't result in high teen pregnancy, high abortion, low respect for authority, low value of education and not destructive to society.

    Every study ever done has shown that a much higher percentage of kids who listen to this trash on a continual basis end up doing more destructive behavior.

    This is a "no brainer" theatreguy.

    Now if you want to get into other moral issues. The bottom line is that material promoting sex out of a marriage is destructive. The two parent man/woman parent household has proven it's self to be best. So material promoting deviant activity could never be moral. I don't know why you wanted to introduce talk about things like "The Advocate" into this, but if that's what you want to discuss I've got no problem going there. You took it down this road, not me.
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    darnell..... bingo!!! thankyou.
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    The morals we speak of are those of society in general. The morals ofthis country are based on Judeo-Christian concepts. In other countries that do not have the background of the US, it would normally be those of its major religion. We teach our children not to lie, steal, kill, maime, et cetera.
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    happen to have a link to any of those studies? oh I don't think palmone gave nelly the Treo 600 to use in the video either. he had one with him last time I saw him before the video.
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