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    according to, the 180g is the one to have.

    nice job updating your site msn and\or cnet.
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    Yup yup yup.

    47,000 shipped, 13,000 sold on introduction. A quarter later they shipped something like 46,000+ and sold 27,000 to end-customers (the latter two are rough guesses since I forget the actual numbers)

    We're talking the ahead-of-the-state-of-the-art hottest phone-pda out there with some of the most rampant "buzz" for at least a half year prior to intro, according to NUMEROUS sites, not just MSN.

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    this has nothing to do w\ the Treo600 sales debate.

    i was browsing around the msn mobile site and noticed that the Handspring 180g was on their list of the hottest phones. i was surprised how out-of-date their content is. i expect this from homegrown websites but not from someone like MS. apparently their focus isn't on mobile content.
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    Quote Originally Posted by webslappy
    this has nothing to do w\ the Treo600 sales debate...
    What has the TREO 600 got to do with this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SeldomVisitor
    What has the TREO 600 got to do with this?

    He never said it had ANYTHING to do with the Treo 600. He was simply making an observation that is related to the Treo product line in general. This site is called treocentral, not treo600central....lighten up.

    Oh, almost forgot. Giggle.

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    this USED to be called VisorCental we did the same stuff, way back when....ill talk about my prism if I want to!

    "it's not the quantity, but the quality"

    There are NO Limits
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    look at it from microsoft's perspective:

    MS is losing ground so they leave old info... people blow it off and go about their day.

    the treo 600 isnt doing much good for their bottom line
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    If you follow the link now, you'll see no mention of the 180g, but instead the T600. Perhaps a treo-using MSN employee pointed out the error! Ha Ha!
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    shows how much m$soft is behind the times
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    Quote Originally Posted by foe
    shows how much m$soft is behind the times
    No, they are not, MS is not ignoring this.

    The strategy is to bring down prices and flood the market, no competition can survive the onslaught. You are seeing that now with the flood of new phone/pda combo device supporting PPC software.
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    Treo 600 is about the best phone I ever had and I've had more than 35 phones.

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