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    blackberry ( rimm ) and palmone ( plmo ) stocks are absolutley skyrocketing in a market that is for all intents and purposes, anemic!

    their growth in the last two weeks has been remarkable!

    because of recent alliances with blackberry connect services, palmone now reacts positively to rimm news whenever its released.
    very positive for palmone and its future prospects!

    very promising prospects with the best " not to quote a cliche" is yet to come!!
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    rimm has risen from $55 to $69

    plmo has risen from $20 to $34.

    incredible gains!
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    reason being, rimm beat estimates handily anh
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    rimm beat estimates and raised earning forecasts to 40 cents per share. rimm went up $10 to $69.00

    palmone also beat estimates handily and rose from $20 to $34.50.

    pardon my enthusiasm, but I've got a feeling great things are on the way!

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