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    I've never had this happen before - I'm trying to install a couple of programs after RBOD drained the battery completely but they're not installing during hotsync. I got this replacement from lock/line a week ago, and they're sending me another to replace it since RBOD got me on day one (not to mention a couple of lock ups).

    Any idea why PRCs wont install? They show up in the Install directory. The only thing I can think of is that after RBOD I re-synced it from my PC at work, and now am trying to install a couple of programs from my home PC. Will try from work tomorrow, but if anyone has any ideas ...

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    A few things to check:

    Look at the log file for HotSync - there may be some clues in there. The System conduit is responsible for software installation. It should be set to Desktop overrides handheld by default (in the Custom... item on the HotSync menu).

    Open the install tol and see if the files are lined up still for installation. This is a good indication that the handheld RAM is full. This will result in files not being installed.

    If you are a Mac user, this can happen inadvertently after a hard reset/ROM upgrade because the Mac software is not as smart as the PC with regards to software restoration. When you delete software from your handheld, it lingers in the User \ Backup folder and will be re-installed after a hard reset event. It is easy to end up with a Backup folder with more applications than your Treos memory can hold.

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