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    I did a search for this topic but found nothing so.....

    I am using a Sprint T600 and I am not sure which files (if any) I need to transfer to my new PC from my old one.
    Looking in my "ProgramFiles/Handspring" folder I see the folder with my name on it, various PalmOS related files, several files related to aftermarket software I added to my Treo, SprintUpdater files, and lots of files with ".dll" extensions.

    Do I need to transfer the entire Handspring folder? Or should I just install the T600 software from CD and do a hotsync? Or should I selectively transfer files, and if so which ones? Obviously I could transfer everything & be safe, but I really want to keep the new pc as clean, organized, and efficient as possible. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!
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    i would just install the palm desktop (and all the software that runs conduits) and sync the device.

    Everything on the 600 will be moved to the pc.
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    Just doing a sync should work, but to be 100% safe, install the software on the new PC then copy the entire handspring folder over. You have to do the install to get the DLL's as well as other system files installed correctly, then a copy over all will take care of the data.

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