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    Hey, just got a Treo 600. Would like to now how to get Midi files as ringtones. I dont know how to get them on the phone.

    Also, would like to use mp3s as ringtones. I read through the forum and cant make up my mind. I am leaning toward this good?
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    Midi ringtones:

    There are 4 choices for mp3 ringtone capabilities.

    LightWav - Both mp3 ringtones and alarms. Has the ability to assign a particular ringtone to a particular contact.
    CallFilter & CallShield - mp3 ringtone kind of a side feature of being able to block/filter calls.
    Phone Technician - basic mp3 ringtone ability

    All of these require Pocket Tunes to do the actual mp3 playing. I personally use LightWav, and I have no experience with the others.
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