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    Has Anyone had the opportunity to try both the Sprint & Cingular versions of the treo 600. I am presently using the Cingular gsm version and I'm Not happy with the performance at all, the call quality SUCKS. I'm not sure if this due to the newness of GSM in our area but i've also used it in Vegas and wasnt impressed with the performance there either. I am considering Going to sprint and getting a new t600 for thier system. any Comments
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    I know in NJ, Sprint seems to be better than Cingular from what I have heard. With the ATT merger, dunno if things will get better since they will have many more towers.
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    Well I personally have tried both firsthand. I just got my Treo about a little over a week ago. And it was a GSM for Cingular. I activated it being as Cingular was my voice carrier. And audio quality, I really had no true complaints, but speed wise of the internet was extremely slow. Livable but slow. I travel a lot and recently went to California, and Cingular is terrible up that way. Some areas have no service at all. Cingular is more dedicated to the midwest to easter US. I live in Midwest and overall it is probably the better carrier for signal around here. But at my office, I am in the lowest level and it is basically a basement and where I sit I have NO signal with Cingular at all. Which brings me to the main reason I scrapped it and went with the Sprint Version. With Sprint I have signal at my desk, only 1 bar have you but it is signal and enough for data! Audio quality, yes being Sprint is clearer, but nothing dramatic by any means, not an audiophile myself! But data speeds are twice to 3 times the speed of Cingular. I think I did a b/w test on Cingular and was averaging about 20-30k, sometimes in the 40's but that is PEAK with full signal strength. With Sprint with 1 bar I am getting 60s-80s all the time. Haven't been in an area yet with full signal strength but would only guess the speed gets better.

    They say that being CDMA the Sprint battery won't last as long, and probably non stop talking that is true. The Data side though it puts itself in a sorta standby mode when not in active use and even though I stay connected 24/7 with Verichat it doesn't eat up the battery that much it seems. So I have no complaints in difference in battery life. So knock on wood, I am very pleased with Sprint compared to Cingular. But I am a heavy data user moreso than voice. So that might make the difference to ya.

    Good Luck!


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