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    Well as a father's day gift, my wifey is gonna get me a pda/phone and it looks like the Treo 600 is the best of the lot by far. I have been searching the boards looking for different opinions and information, this board is great since it has alot of both.

    My Location
    I live in NJ, I have t-mobile now and signal is pretty good here. I switched from Sprint which was pretty good too but their phones sucked at the time. I don't think signal strengh is going to be too much of an issue as I am usually in NJ, NY and LI for the most part. I think all carriers (except Cingular) have good service in this area.

    My Use
    Well I am going to be heavy on the web use. I read that the Treo600 can stream mp3's, well I know I am going to do that ALOT so I am going to need some kind of unlimited data (all carriers have this, cost vary it seems). I have to use the PDA functions as I miss my meetings all the time and connectivity to Lotus Notes (remotly would be great). I will SMS and IM alot as well, not into games that much though

    My Money
    Well my wife looks like she wants the Color Sidekick so she is staying on t-mobile. Her plan will be something like $40 unlimited and calls. I would like to pay somewhere in that range. Sprint has the plan that adapts to # of calls you make, t-mobile is pretty flat, I know nothing of Verizon except that it is expensive but supposedly has the best coverage.

    I see that there are alot of Sprint users here and I am guessing it is the $15 fast data network. I also see alot of people changing to Verizon however (what an indept thread) so I wonder if it is better, wouldn't that be more expensive. T-Mobile / Cingular seems to have slower connectivity since they are GSM.

    Kinda long but any advice any of you have would be great.

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    If you are happy with Sprint's service and prices, go with Sprint because of their higher data speeds. You will be able to stream many more Shoutcast stations on Sprint then on the GSM providers.

    T-Mobile's plans work better for me (no charge for call forwarding, unlike Sprint), and I have been very happy with them.

    Stay away from Verizon until they officially support the Treo. (just my opinion, I haven't kept up on the Verizon threads) Also, I would avoid signing any commitments for longer than a year so you can upgrade when the time comes.
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    Absolutely agree with Heberman, Sprint's the way to go as you will have a ton of services coming unto the market in the next six months (TV, Radio, Movies, News, etc.) where you'll be able to make the most of the higher data streaming.

    Cheers, A.

    BTW Heberman: That's the wicked coolest avatar I have ever come across!!! Excellent!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by wanderman
    BTW Heberman: That's the wicked coolest avatar I have ever come across!!! Excellent!!!
    Thanks. As imitation is the highest form of flattery, I copied it from someone else on another board.
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    I third (or fourth) the Sprint option. NOtes remote connectivity is possible using sprint business connect!
    It requires a PC on the corp network that is running notes with your ID and is on all the time, but that isnt too hard with most users. I have a laptop that I carry with me, as well as a desktop that has notes on it with the PC piece of business connect so that the treo always has access to the notes mail. If you have any questions about this let me know and I will go into more detail.
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    Aaron C, access to Lotus Notes is going to be key but having a PC running Notes with my ID all the time may be an issue. I only have a laptop at work and would need to find another PC that can do this. I think there is some other software (I dont recall at this point) which does not need Notes running.

    I am sure I will hit you on on your experience and thanks!

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    I found the link.....

    Apparently works with the Treo 600, anyone have experience with it?

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    Looks like the "WirelessMail" also installs and runs on the Notes client. Getting corporate email working is tricky - you generally have one of 4 options:
    1) Access your corporate email through the web (Outlook Web Access or Notes Webmail) if your IT department allows it. You can do this from the Treo 600 and either Blazer or a 3rd party browser like WebPro, but attachments aren't supported
    2) Install something like WirelessMail or Sprint Business Connect on your client machine
    3) Get your IT department to POP3 or IMAP enable your corporate accounts (they generally aren't thrilled about this)
    4) Get your IT department to do something on the server end (like installing RIM Blackberry software to support Blackberry or Goodlink software to support Palm) to support handhelds

    If you run across an elegant solution please let everyone know!
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    I think the WirelessMail setup is slick because you don't have to get IT involved and it does not need Notes Client to be running all the time. I think I am going to try this, going to try to get the Treo at lunchtime from Sprint but I am not thrilled about a 2yr contract.

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    I finally got Treo600 but got a GSM version (ATT locked) that I will unlock sometime this evening.

    Thanks for all your help and advice

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