I am looking for information on the TREO 600 file structure that is resident on my PC and what each directory is used for etc. This problem cam up, when I notice that on occasion that when I start my AOL application, it resets the handset. The only way one is to do a hard reset. Resyncing does not help it untill I go through the desktop and try to load peices (like the contacts database, calendar, system properties etc.

Thus, a search of the public internet did not have the info I was looking for. For example... The "Add-on" directory is where you put the Palm Apps to be reloaded into the phone automatically upon a sync.

As important would be the different files and shat data they contain that are under the <user names>. Like address.dat contains contact information etc. I will be trying to do a trial and error to figure it out, but a reference link would be most helpful and save time.

I am sure someone knows this.. .