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    The Nokia smartphone was just reported to have the first cellphone virus:

    There are several links around the web. heres one:

    My father had tried the Norton AntiVirus for his Treo and with only 5 definitions, he didnt use it.

    Its only a matter of time before Palm drops the ball, and I was just wondering your peoples opinions?
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    Treos don't have bluetooth. have to "accept" the virus? If so, I would wager *most* Treo owners are a wee bit smarter than that.

    As far as the concept of a cellphone virus in general, my inital thought is that it is definitely inevitable, but I doubt the early ones will be a big deal because a cellphone (especially a PalmOS Smart Phone) is easily wiped out and restored (assuming you backup regularly), unlike a PC.

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    Palm viruses have been out there for a while - this was one of the first about 4 year ago...

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