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    Hi, all

    I'm kind of interested in the following:

    What has been the SINGLE greatest improvement to your Treo provided by third-party software? What I mean is if you had to give up all of your Treo's extra functions except one, what would it be?

    Examples: MP3's as ringtones? movie recording? 5-way control of text selecting? optional fonts? resetting of Treo without stylus (seriously)?

    Which program provided it?
    And for how long did you live without it?
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    If I only had ONE application to leave on the Treo it would be Instant Messaging (Verichat in my case). There are a number of close seconds (Phone, of course; Calendar; Web; etc.)
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    I would have to say Pocket Tunes with a Seidio 2-in-1 is my fav, but since that almost doesn't qualify (basic version sort of comes with Treo) I'll mention Datebk5.
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    Outside of the built in apps and the PIMs I would have to say LightWav. I am hearing impaired and the MP3s are sooo much louder then the MIDI files.

    V close second is Backup Man!
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    I would like to say LightWav's ability to give me MP3 ringtones, but in fact it is the most inconsistent application on my Treo. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. So for now I say the single greatest improvement to my Treo is Ryan's MovieRec/SoundRec.
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    KeyCaps600 - it makes the keyboard usable

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    instant messaging and pop3
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    Audible - gotta have my audiobook fix.
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    Mapopolis and iTrek GPS mouse.
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    Snapper - couldn't live without it. Followed closely by Datebook 5. Zlauncher makes me pretty happy too.
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    Pocket Tunes Deluxe for Shoutcast...was the first application I purchased the day I got the phone.
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    - Chatter for work (being a principal, it's invaluable for being able to be contacted while walking around the building).

    - MovieRec for fun
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    PDA2NET......No question, invaluable sitting in meetings without ethernet connectivity.
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    I have many multiple programs and games, but for the purposes of this discussion, I'd go with ZLauncher and SoundRec (a freeware voice recorder).
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    just kidding, of course.

    the oem keyboard gets my vote
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    For most improvements that you couldn't (or wouldn't want to) live without, I guess I've decided on some great replacement programs:

    Zlauncher - Applications launcher, file manager, card manager, infinite customization

    TakePhone - Phone dialer and contacts replacement. Super powered searching...

    Datebk5 - Replace Calendar and ToDo with great alarms and display..

    PS-Memo - Just found this great Memo replacement. 5 way nav support second to none.

    And while I agree with the other programs mentioned, especially Soundrec and Chatter, the most useful program I've found is Directory Assistant. Classic example: Tonight I needed a cable I knew I could get at Rat Shack. Type in Radio Shack, <name of suburb I was in>, press search, found it, press Dial, "How late are you open", press directions, Mapquested. I'm there 15 minutes before closing with my little cable in hand.
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    CallShield, hands down.
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