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    Hello all! Just wanted to introduce myself as a new TREO and TC user. I am Shanice and reside in MD. I have a T600 and loving it. I've been lurking for a few weeks. Discussion is lively here. I am using Sprint PCS - have been since about 1998. Only reason I'm not with any other service provider is because Sprint has the plan that I need. My husband and I share our plan of 2500 minutes, plus the options that we need are all unlimited and included in our plan.
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    Welcome. This is the best community on earth (or elsewhere) for Treo users without a doubt! All the answers are here or on the palmOne support site. Did you upgrade to the latest firmware yet on your T600? It opens the door for voice recorders and video recording with sound. It's a fun addition.
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    Welcome to you! Be sure and search first if you have a specific question. Where bout's in MD?

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    Welcome...great phone, and I agree with the plan (have the same one). Enjoy it!
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