I have a debilitating problem with my gsm Treo (it keeps turning on by itself, can't be shut off by the power button, then locks up completely) that can't be solved by a hard reset and re-syncing, so I want to do a hard reset and delete all the Handspring backups on my computer harddrive, reinstall the Treo software and start all over again. I have some questions before I do this.

1. Most importantly I need to backup my address book and memo files- these would be the most difficult to re-enter manually. Where do I find these files, and if I remove them from the C:\Program Files\Handspring directory and then re-insert them after re-installing the Treo software, will a hotsync reinstall them to the Treo?

2. I used the crow updater months ago to go from 1.12 --> 1.20 versions. Should I do this as my first step after formatting the Treo?

3. Any thoughts on doing this?

Thanks to anyone more knowledgable than me (which is probably most of you!).