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    Just getting used to my T600.
    First off has anyone had any issues with the keypad numbers wearing off?? I use my fingernails a bit and i'm worried with prolonged use it might damage the keys???

    Was wondering how you have all settled into the keyboard, and what you all use for the fastest typing method..

    I normally just use both thumbs. Its quite quick and very easy..
    When I need to go to turbo mode :P I use my left thumb and on my right hand i use the next two fingers instead.. kinda toutch typing.. lol..

    What is the fastest way you've found?
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    I highly recommend Key Caps600. It makes a huge difference and the price cannot be beat. It's FREE!

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    I use KeyCaps600 and TextPlus with my two thumbs. Great combination !
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    linkds to said programs?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kooldino
    linkds to said programs?
    ~ ScandaLous ~
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    So how do you actually go about using keycaps600. how does it actually work?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kooldino
    So how do you actually go about using keycaps600. how does it actually work?
    Actually my settings are:
    -Enabled on Reset
    -Disable in Phone App
    -Click: Lower:e (do nothing)
    -Hold: L>U>O:e>E>1, Delay 220ms

    It's working great for me, just one button to hold !
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    So hold a button in for 220ms and it capatalizes it for yo u?

    Care to decipher "L>U>O:e>E>1" for me exactly?
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    So e (hold) E (hold some more) 1

    No need for the uppercase or the Option Key

    Mine is
    L>U (hold)
    O (double click)

    So holding the key uppercases things, a double click causes the "other selection" such as 1 to be printed instead of the letter.
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    Brilliant! I dig it!

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