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    Well I was wondering if someone who uses linux and the treo 600 can fill me in on what it can and can't do so i can decide if I should get it or not.

    A few questions I have are can i get blue tooth or wifi to work on this phone? I saw lots of posts that people said were hoaxs so i wasn't sure if it were true or not.

    I also hear i can set up the treo to act as a modem, is that true? What is the connection method? cable? bluetooth? IR?

    What are the things i can't do on linux that can be done on windows?

    Anything else you can possibly give me would be a big help because this is my first palm so i am not sure of normal ussage.

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    getting wifi or bluetooth to worlk on the 600 would have nothing to do with whether your desktop used Windows or Linux. There is a windows application that allows the treo to act as a wireless modem, I am unaware of a linux application that will do this.

    I connect my Linux boxes to my 600 using the standard sync cable that comes with the device. The later Linux distributions will detect the 600. I sync my 600 using Evolution sometimres, but my usual backup and sync tools are jpilot and the simple command line use of pilot-xfer (from pilot tools). It allows me to download single prc files and, with a quick one line command, install it on my 600.

    If you have any other specific questions, feel free to ask. I have been using Visors and Treos with Linux (and Windows) since the first Visors hit the market.
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    I also use the t600 with a linux box. Syncs well (USB and Serial) with kpilot and jpilot. Easy to install with kpilot and I use a USB reader for the SD to transfer oggs over to the machine

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