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    I've had my Treo 180 for a few years, and -- I have to admit -- I have dropped it a couple of times on to hard surfaces. Even as recently as a week ago, I was marveling at how it had remained unscratched, uncracked, and generally in good shape.

    Alas, today my Treo started acting up

    I started experiencing frequent fatal errors, random freezes, etc, even just when checking a calendar item.

    So I did a hard reset, figuring that perhaps some of the software I had in it was wonky. Alas, that didn't do the trick. I still get fatal errors when doing almost anything with the (pretty much naked) Treo.

    Is it time to give it a proper burial and possibly buy a 180 or 270 off of ebay for $50-$100 (I can't afford the Treo 600, unfortunately)? Or is there actually an affordable Treo repair service I should try?

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts...
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    well if you have insurance though your provider you can get a replacement for ~$30... worth looking into before you go for eBay (Def a good second plan (go for the 270!)). Just make sure you have a backup GSM phone b4 you do this.

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    Alas, no insurance. In fact, when I last checked, T-Mobile didn't even offer phone insurance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ThatAdamGuy
    Alas, no insurance. In fact, when I last checked, T-Mobile didn't even offer phone insurance.
    Did you check by reviewing the web site or by asking? When I originally checked on the web site for my 600 it was not shown as an option, but they did add it for me when I called them.
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    About 6-8 months ago, I had asked them by phone.

    On another note... by searching this forum for memorymgr.c (which is in the error messages I receive), I learned of a new tip that seems to have -- at least temporarily -- cured my Treo!

    Specifically, after (for the 7thtime) hard-resetting my Treo, I went under PREFERENCES and created a new USB-->PC connection, and that automatically became the new hotsync default. The hotsync took forever!

    However, things seem to be working again. Yay!

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