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    Treo 600 is 2 wks old.

    I'm a NPR addict. Is there anyway to listen to the NPR stream on my Treo?

    What is the practical size limit on attaching non kinoma media files to e-mail?

    I use Sprint in the Portland Or. area. Any idea of 3G deployment in this part of the country.

    Many thanks. Great Forum
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    Not sure about the media file and Sprint questions, but you can get streaming NPR on your 600 by downloading and installing Pocket Tunes, and then going to and scroll down to "Talk", where you will find WNYC-AM, one of the NPR stations. You can also scroll to "NPR" where you will find other NPR stations from Penn State, Detroit, etc, but I've found that WNYC is the only one that streams continuous news. The others have good news, but interspersed with a lot of local content which I find less interesting. With Pocket Tunes, you can also get to and find hundreds of streaming sites. Probably best to look at those with your main computer and then select the ones to listen to on your 600. Good luck, and let me know if you have any other questions.
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    Many thanks. I'm a bit confused on the logistics. I did download ptunes delux and launched the suggested url on my desktop computer. Now what?
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    Ptunes must be installed on your 600. When you installed PocketTunes Deluxe on your desktop, it should have opened a window showing that pockettunes.prc was ready to be installed on your 600, and the next time you synced the 600 with the desktop, the installation should have been done automatically. Go to your main menu page on the 600 and see if the logo "pTunes" is there. If not, click on the "Install" logo on your desktop and using the "add" button in that new window, find the location of the file "pockettunes.prc", click on it and it will be placed in the "install" window, and at the next sync, will be installed.

    I hope that this is understandable, but if you haven't previously installed applications in a Palm device, it may be a little confusing. Let me know how it goes.
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    I wonder if someone could tell me what the data requirements are for shoutcast (kb/minute). I’m on att and have a 20mb per month plan and wouldn’t want to use my months data allowance but would like to listen now and then.


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    Tnx for the help. I do have ptunes installed on my treo. My confusion is the following.

    How do I access the stream for WNYC.?
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    The actual streaming is done through a service called "Shoutcast", and probably the best thing for you to do is access it first through your regular computer at, as the navigation gets a little complicated and hard to understand on the Treo's small screen. Within the Shoutcast home page, one can search for music genres or radio stations. If you type in "WNYC", it will return with WNYC-AM and WYNC-FM. If you click on either, and if you have Windows Media Player installed on your system, it will start streaming the broadcast. While you are in Shoutcast, take a look at some of the hundreds of stations that stream content, including a number of NPR stations. You may find others of interest to you. However, notice the bitrate of each, as the Treo and Ptunes only works well with bit rates of 33 kb or less. Anything higher and the audio stream is very choppy.

    Now, access the Shoutcast website through your Blazer browser on the Treo. The screen will look pretty jumbled, but you should be able to find the search boxes. Again type in WNYC (or if you've found another interesting station, try that one) and then touch the "Tune In" button. A new screen will open on the Treo with the message "Do you want to Download?" Answer "yes" and the download will be instantaneous as it is a very small file. After this another screen will open with the message "Do you want to accept 'Shoutcast Playlist' into ptunes?" Again answer "yes", and the audio stream should start within a few seconds.

    In order to control the volume and/or to stop the streaming, you will have to access and open Ptunes on your Treo again. Once opened, Ptunes will show the name of the audio stream, along with the controls to start and stop the stream and adjust the volume. Ptunes contains a lot of other features as it is also a very good and flexible MP3 player.

    I hope I haven't made this too complicated for you but I think you will enjoy the ability of the Treo to play audio streams.
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    Worked like a charm. many tnx for taking the time to write crystal clear directions.

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