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    Treo600 is on its way. I have converted from PocketPC back to treo600. Does anyone know how I can transfer my Outlook contact & calendar data to the palm desktop software that will be coming with my treo600. I do not want to use outlook anymore (no e-mail usage thru outlook, actually Lotus notes)?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Use the export functionality of Outlook and import it into the Palm desktop software.
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    For an easy life, I suggest installing the Palm Desktop software for the Treo 600 and choose to synchronize with Outlook. Then synchronize your data (contacts, calendar, notes and tasks). Once you are happy that all of it is in your handheld, re-install the Palm Desktop software but this time choose to synchronize with the Palm Desktop software. Now the copy of your personal data will be copied from your handheld into Palm Desktop on your PC at the next synchronization.

    PS PocketMirror conduits for Outlook do not synchronize sub-folders.
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    I use Outlook both at home and at work and like it pretty well. Is there anything about syncronizing to the Palm desktop that's better than outlook? It looks pretty plain from what I've seen, so maybe I'm missing something...
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    I like the feature within Palm that allows you to put in a note (for that day) that has a time stamp on it. I don't think you can do this in Outlook (maybe I'm wrong).

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