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    Perhaps Treo should stand for Telephonically Reaching Exquisite Orgasms....

    Medically speaking, of course...
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    I'm feelin' kinda randy.
    TreoBill Abides
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    Quote Originally Posted by broberob
    We all know what's next... USB sex toys!!!!

    In light of the discussion on this thread, and your avatar..........

    How did you er,... break the antenna on your Treo?????
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    I have a few porno movie clips on my Treo if that counts (this impresses some friends more than any of the other features - you'd never have thought it was possible to get so many people crowded around a single phone).
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    im deeply disturbed by the this thread..and thats difficult to do

    i like to spoon with my treo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slem
    I have a few porno movie clips on my Treo if that counts.
    I would say it counts, but I am not sure what for.

    P.S.: Is your location really Jakarta (Indonesia)? Is it a problem there if you get caught with such movies? (Not that I would have to fear anything of that sort, even if I was in Jakarta... )
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    Quote Originally Posted by hofo_mofo
    i like to spoon with my treo

    Remember, there Is no spoon.
    "Do the Chickens have large talons?" Napoleon Dynamite
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    OK guys, that is enough fun for today..
    Lets keep this forum 'family friendly'..
    <IMG WIDTH="200" HEIGHT="50" SRC=> (ex)VisorCentral Discussion Moderator
    Do files get embarrassed when they get unzipped?
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