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    on defecting when the HP iPaq 6310/6315 comes out?

    Curious thats all
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    Nope, very happy with Palm software and love my Treo!!!!!
    Thanks for the compliment, geeks run the world after all!
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    Nope. Too expensive to change handsets too often. I'll be using my Treo for at least the next 2 years, I hope.
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    No Thanks. I agree with trainman, Palm OS gives you options.
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    I am sticking with my Treo 600 and the Palm OS. I owned the HP IPaq 1910 that my wife now owns and that environment is VERY unstable. I have worked that last 3 days trying to figure out "unresolved items" in Microsoft ActiveSync. The Palm OS is great !!!
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    no i will not be getting that but i will get the next treo
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    yeah this MS activesync is apparently very very blah..
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    im glad to hear you guys are very makes me wanna cry
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    I'm sticking with treo due to the fact (well more than one fact, but the main one) that it just has not let me down. Can't say the same for my windows desktop. With as much as I use it, it has been rock solid dependable.

    Did both upgrades w/no problems.

    If the next treo (oops, Treo, sorry p1) is a leap forward, I'll upgrade. Sorry, Seldom V
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    Quote Originally Posted by hofo_mofo
    on defecting when the HP iPaq 6310/6315 comes out?

    Curious thats all

    If teh h6300 had supported cdma, I think I might have defected. In fact, if the Moto Mpx was cdma as well, I think I may have switched as well. It really all depends on how PalmOne responds with the next generation Treo IMO. If they can get all the unresolvd bugs fixed and upgrade the screen, BT etc as rumored in the "610", then I think I'll probably stick with the Treo...

    However there is one device which might make me sway my decision even over the "Treo610" and that is the Benq P50. The specs on that device just sound too nice to pass up...we'll see...
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    I've on the verge of purchasing a Treo 600, but would consider purchasing either the HP 6310 or the Motorola MPx if they were available. The Treo features are great, but I want Bluetooth as well.

    I haven't seen any firm dates as to when the HP or MPx would be available, so it is a question of waiting for a potentially better device verses a device that seems to be adequate soon. Decisions, decisions...

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