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    I just wanted to drop a line to everyone and let an interesting fact be known. My girfriend works for CompUSA and she works in the warehouse and deals with the RTV (return to vendor) department and last week Sprint contacted them to ship all Sprint Treo 600s. At first I thought, "no big deal they are probably taking back the handspring logoed treos" but it turns out ALL of the Sprint T600s are being taken back. I DO NOT WANT ANYONE THINKING THAT I AM TRYING TO START A RUMOR ABOUT A NEW TREO!!!!!! I just thought it was interesting. I was also given the explanation from someone that Sprint wants to upgrade the Firmware on all existing T600s but I find this hard to believe, considering the huge cost Sprint would incur to ship back all the Treos and upgrade them. I wonder why they would request them back. Or maybe it was just a CompUSA thing. Who knows.

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    Doug Kaplan
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    If you or anyone else find anything more out, post!
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    Any more info regarding this?
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    I've told you what I know and it still holds true (I asked her again today just to triple check) I think we need someone else in Retail to do a little research at their store. I KNOW some people here at this site works at Best Buy, COmpUSA, etc.

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    False alarm! My girlfriend's CompUSA just received two Sprint Treo 600 in their shipment.

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    Why is that a false alarm?

    If existing TREOs are called back - as you posted:
    last week Sprint contacted them to ship all Sprint Treo 600s
    then all existing TREOs have been called back.

    Any ==new== TREOs would be expected to have "the fix" (if that's what it was) already in place.

    Are you retracting your original post?
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    No I'm not sure what I was hoping for when I found out all the Treos were requested back, because I find it unlikely that sprint would ask for a bunch of pa1mone branded Treo 600s back just to upgrade the firmware. BTW the new one's don't seem to have the new firmware because someone took one out to check. I guess it is a possibility that they were calling them back to "fix" them, but I think I was looking too deeply into the matter and I'm guilty of fueling the "new treo" rumors because I'm a "technology *****" and I'm hoping a new model comes out soon... but understand, I'm extremely happy with my Treo! (had it since Dec. no replacements)

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    Oh, I see - you were looking at the recall as if the TREO 600 was going to be junked since a new and improved TREO 6NN was going to be shipped, rather looking at the recall that the TREO 600 was being recalled literally to fix it - but the recall happened regardless.

    Okie dokie, I got it!
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    I'm glad we've come to an understanding.

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    We all know a company like and including Palm will discount heavily the price of existing units in the store just in advance of releasing a new model rather then take them back. What they typically do is give the retailer slush ad money as a way to buy the retailers cost per unit down. Since the stores do not share in those funds it does not effect their P&L at the store level but the corporate marketing department wins. Bottom line, watch for the 600 to go to $249 then and only then will you know that a new one is on the horizon.
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    Thank you for the lesson in retail.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gharrod
    Bottom line, watch for the 600 to go to $249 then and only then will you know that a new one is on the horizon.
    Hey! Maybe a paid-shill get-them-out-the-door-NOW article also presages a new intro!




    Recent article..but suggestive of the wrong NEXT Treo...


    Note - no, there is no OVERT evidence that this article was paid for by PalmOne (or associates thereto) - that is simply an opinion - what's yours?
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    What does CompUSA offer the T600 for now? I know they were around $299, but haven't seen that advertised.

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