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    Hi there. I am a t-mobile customer. I have heard there have been some quality issues with the product. Are you aware of any? Any problems with the speaker phone. I really want to wait for the 610 to come out, but not sure if I have patients to wait.
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    what's the problem with the speakerphone besides that sometimes people on the other end say "i can't hear you that well."

    oh, was it the issue when the person holding the phone would get an electric shock from time to time?
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    Are you a doctor? Well, you should wait until you get patients so you can pay the bill when you buy the Treo.
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    The next gen Treo probably won't come out until late 2004. If you can wait that long, that's up to you, but realize there are always new and updated versions coming out...

    As far as the Treo600, it has been put through the rigors pretty thoroughly by early adopters by now (like me ). Yes, some users have reported problems like buzzing sounds, random soft resets, etc. There definitely are some bugs in the unit, but there are various solutions to most problems. (make sure you search the forums). Also, many users have reported gone through many replacement units b/c of various issues...but then there is the other side of story like users like me who are still using their original Treos (mine since Nov 03). Thus, most of the complaints you will find here will be from users who have had problems, not those who haven't...that's the way it always is. I say, if you want/need the unit now, go for it. You can always wait for the next, greatest forever...
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    I think we have some time to wait before the 610/whatever and the Treo 600 is worth getting now even with a few minor issues so go for it
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    If you are going to wait for a completely glitch-free unit to hit the market you might be waiting an awfully long time.

    The better question is... does the Treo 600 meet my needs better than anything else on the market? After almost seven years with a Nokia 6190 on T-Mo, the answer for me was yes.

    Does it reset once in a while on its own? Yes.
    Does it freeze once in a while when I'm using software that wasn't original to the Treo? Yes.

    Does this bother me? No.

    Would I make the purchase again knowing what I know today? Yes.
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    I think you should buy TWO!

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