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    I already had to replace my Treo 600 once.. & I can't remember if it was a PalmOne version I had @ first.. but the one they replaced it w/ is a Handspring version.. What type do yall have?.. & does anyone know which one is made better?.. Handspring or PalmOne... I got mines from Sprint..
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    I don't understand it. There are a lot of H/S branded phone users who would rather keep their H/S branded T600 phone. Here you are, opposite everyone else, not happy with the H/S one. What's the difference in your point of view?

    I have PalmOne branded GSM. No issues and happy customer.
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    He never said he wasn't happy with it....

    As for me, I'm still using my HS branded one with no problems yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jennyfur
    He never said he wasn't happy with it....

    As for me, I'm still using my HS branded one with no problems yet.
    I mistook that posting with large red fonts that he's somewhat disconcerted by the fact his phone was replaced with another brand.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jay A whY
    I got mines from Sprint..
    I was completely unaware that Sprint was in the mining business. Imagine! All this time I thought they just did communications. Hmmmph. You learn something new every day. This also seems abit off topic to HS vs P1.
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    I used to have the HS version and it was replaced with a PalmOne. No problems for me.
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    I have the PalmOne version, and no problems yet...
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    I had a handspring one at first, and thought of it to be a bit nostalgic... since the buyout I was relieved to see it replaced with a palmone, as a matter of progress. If I didnt have problems I would have been satisfied with the handspring
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    PalmOne, also from Sprint. No problemos <knock wood>
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    I have an original, very nostalgic, completely restored, mint condition, and collectors certified Handspring treo 600. They just dont make them like they used too.
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    i had the handspring one but got a refurbished palm one set when mine broke. the handspring logo is much cooler!!! it was all shiny and reflected light all pretty. the palmone log is boring.
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    palmone is definetly cheapened down
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    is there really a difference other than the logos?
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    I have a palmOne branded T600 for Sprint. No problems.
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    my eyes the goggles do nothing

    i have a rogers programmed (ie rogers specific) t600 that says palmone
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    I have a treo, not a Treo ... and I'm happy and satisfied.
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