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    I'm looking for some feedback from Treo users, looks like this might be the right place. . I'm developing a mobile interface for the email company I work for. I'd like for it to work well for Treo users. I just found the Treo 600 SDK, and am about to download that for compatability testing. But I'd like to know what guys would like in a mobile email interface, and how it could be the best service possible. I'd be grateful for any feedback at all.

    Thank you,

    BTW, I'm not posting a link to the current mobile interface because I'd hate to come across as spamming or advertising, I'd genuinely like some feedback. I also don't want to break any rules for this forum - I'm obviously new here. If it is appropriate or would be helpful to post a link, let me know!
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    This new email software must be able to address the shortcomings of the existing email packages.

    One of which I am looking for is ability to filter specific emails I want to receive to my Treo. Another would be multiple mailbox capability. Another one is I don't want the email software to mark the email on my PC or the email server as read until I actually openned and read it in my Treo (this is the way it works with Visto Express).

    I am sure there are more.

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