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    Up to 6-7 weeks now. Just changed today:


    Aside: How anyone can think that Ma-n-Pa cellphone customer is going to wait 2 months to get a cellphone is beyond me. The TREO 600 is for early-adopters only - no kidding.

    (when I got my first (and second) cellphone I made the decision to get it the day I got it. Had the dealer NOT had the phone in stock I would have gotten a different one. I would NOT have waited even one extra day)
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    I wonder how this translates for people waiting for a replacement phone? I was told by T-Mobile a week and a half ago that there was a 10 waiting period and then 5 days for shipping. I sure hope it's not 6-7 weeks!!!!! If so, I'll have to give serious consideration to another device.
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    Strangely, the shipping delay has increased again in only two days - now even a Sprint TREO takes 2 months (more or less) to get from PalmOne.

    [for those who watch stocks this, of course, sets off all SORTS of alarm bells about quarter end, etc, and what PLMO-the-stock-and-company had to do to meet expectations of units shipped/sold-in (PLMO's quarter ends this weekend, essentially, and management made certain predictions on how many TREO 600s they would ship). It smacks at BEST of dumping inventory to meet shipping estimates. At WORST, of course, it could simply mean a recall has happened]


    Edit: Added the parenthetical explanation of PLMO's quarter end.
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    Maybe its a sign of a new device coming.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ab42
    Maybe its a sign of a new device coming.
    yep, that'd be my guess.

    for instance, the week (give or take) before apple releases updates to their computers, orders for certain models on their website go from shipping overnight to shipping 2-4 weeks. my guess is that the sprint t600 has actually been discontinued (or similar), and their supply chain software is (stupidly) translating that into "2 months" wait for an existing model..

    but that's just my guess.
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    I am totally frustrated over issues regarding my replacement phone from T-Mobile. On March 11th I called T-Mobile about my dead touch screen and they ordered me a replacement phone. I was told there was a 10 day backorder and shipping would take an additional 5 days. Here it is now June 1st, and 3 weeks later and still no phone. AND.... they don't have a clue as to when I'll get it. So they credit me a month's worth of data service... BIG DEAL, I want my phone! Should I... can I... get anything done by contacting PalmOne, am I stuck... can I get a full refund????
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    In a continuing series, the delays have changed a-GAIN!

    This many changes this fast is simply bizarro.

    Something out of the ordinary is happening with TREO 600s - bet on it.
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    Just a quick update.... I'm still waiting on a replacement phone. T-Mobile hasn't a clue... Palm One hasn't a clue... I'm stuck in Treo purgatory! I'm disappointed with both companies and beginning to look at other options.
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