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    Email I received from Nokia has some details on the new Nokia 6600

    New! The Nokia 6600 phone
    The Nokia 6600 phone shows sharper, brighter images -- good thing, since it's equipped with a VGA camera, complete with a self timer, a "night mode" and digital zoom(1). There's also a built-in video recorder, so you can capture live action and audio and play it back using the RealOne Player(1). "Top-of-the-line" in every way, the Nokia 6600 phone offers PDA and advanced connectivity features, too, including GPRS(2), Bluetooth® and infra-red technology, plus an advanced XHTML(3) (4) client and an integrated e-mail client, so you can access your work and your personal e-mail accounts.

    Half the stuff we're trying to get into the Treo 600!
    GSM Treo 600 with Cingular
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    There is no way that you can compare a Nokia 6600 with the Treo 600. The Nokia is on the Market in Europe for far more then 3 months and I used it myself a few days. All the PDA functions are less then halfhearted. The Text enter possibilities on the Palm are much greater. There is no touchscreen on the nokia and also not keypad just the phone buttons. The battery duration is not much better then the one of the treo. You can not get free software on that special symbian mobile operating system like on the Palm Treo 600. For the Treo 600 just select the latest Palm Verison and almost any application will run instantly maye not support the 5 way or such special features but it proberbly work.

    I would never ever change my palm for the Nokia. The last time they produced a nice pone was like 4 years ago.


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