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    Sorry if this a newbie question. Several apps with links in these forums are .prc.php files when I try to download them. What are those? When I try to open or unzip them my computer doesn't have a program to do it. What do I need? I would love to get pickem the camera app, but I can't. Thanks in advance for any help. If anyone could post a link to pickem in .zip format that would be great too!
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    Here you go. Hope this helps!

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    mighty kind of you!
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    PHP files are basically like HTML files, you need to go to them with your web browser and then there is probably a link on the page
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    No, no. This is probably a problem of your browser failing to properly identify the type of the file you are trying to download.

    When you click the above attached file, the link you are trying to access is:

    See? There's your .php file (everything beyond the ? mark is just a parameter). When you start the download, you are actually downloading a PHP file, but TC's server marks the file with a certain MIME type to allow your browser to offer you the proper format to save it.

    In this case, either TC's server is failing to properly attach a mime type to the file, or your browser is not capable of understanding it. So when the browser finds no MIME-type on a file, it falls back to the requested file's extension (.php) as the assumed file type.

    However, the downloaded data is (probably) still there. If the downloaded file is supposed to be a PRC, just type the proper extension when you are presented with the Save As dialog, or rename it later (after downloading) from .php to .prc (or .zip, or whatever the original file was).


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