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    I'd like to thank you all in advance for not making too much fun of me for what is probably a really stupid question (I'm pretty new to this world).

    I have a Treo 600, the best investment of my entire life! So far, no problems with the Treo or the AT&T service.

    My wife received a Kyocera 7135 as a present. Now comes what may be a very silly question. What happens when I download her operating disc on to our computer, where I already have my Treo downloaded. Will her version of the Palm desktop try to beat up my version? Will all of the downloaded software native to her phone stay away from my stuff? How do I best do it to avoid any problems?


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    Use two different computers!
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    use different logins...
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    make sure you have different email accounts as well if you are using outlook to sync to.

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