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    I have had my TREO 600 since Oct 2003. It was Ok at first. Then the phone began to fail, the speakerphone was OK but the regular phone produced eventually no sound. TGhe in March the unit needed reset every week or so. Now the battery will not charge. Anyone know where to get soem setvice for these things.
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    Where are you in the world and where did you buy it?
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    I purchased the unit on AMAZON and I am in Florida.

    Is there any failure analysis on these units?
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    I thought the 600 had a 1 year warranty - have you tried to have it replaced ?
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    Same thing just happened to me,Speaker phone works but reciever doesn't.It now also keeps resetting itself.
    I bought my Phone from Tmobile I contacted customer service and they are sending me another phone.
    Hope that helps...
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    Hi Fredodo,

    Thanks for the help.

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