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    I've been trying to convert midi files to pdb for my treo 300 and can't seem to get it work. I used ringtone tools and it makes the pdb, but when I install it the programs I have doesn't seem to detect the files, I don't get what I'm messing up. Besides, typing in a command line for each ring tone is going to take a long time, can anyone recommend a quick way to do this?

    I'd also be willing to share the ring tones I have if you wouldn't mind sharing the converted file with me, this way it's less work for me. PM me if you're interested.
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    What midi-to-pdb converter are you using? And why do you want to convert midis?
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    well, I tried using ringtonetools, well, I thought that's what you were supposed to do to get ring tones on a treo device, because the installer won't takes midi files so you had to convert them to a palm database file so you could get them on the device and then have a program like tc ringer to use them. Is there another way or something I'm missing?
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    i've been told that hoho works using the pdb files. a few have also had success with ringo though electric pocket officially states they do not support the 600. and tcringer is apparently dead.

    otherwise you can either email the individual midi's to yourself as attachments or beam them using the infra red.
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    I use Kinoma Producer 2.0.4 (Mac version, but there's a PC version as well). Kinoma is an app for the Treo that works mainly with video clips and QuickTime type files (I use it for slide shows). In any event, Kinoma Producer, the desktop portion of the Kinoma for Palm app, does convert midi files to pdb.
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    The easiest way is to email them to yourself. This will install them automatically once you download the tone.
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    okay, I don't use sprint internet so how would I get them as an email besides that? And if anyone wants these rings for free just pm me, I have no problem sharing.

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