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    I have a Treo600 with t-mobile connected via the t-zones gateway. I am using PDANet to connect my laptop to the device and use it as a modem. I can get Yahoo IM, and all Browser and Outlook email to work. But MSN and AOL don't work, and some other apps (trading platform) don't seem to be able to connect.

    What are possible issues that could be preventing me? any suggestions are welcome..


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    I don't know what programs you are using, but i know that VeriChat will now work if you are using T-Zones.
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    Are you using the free Tzones? If so they lock down the ports that AIM and other IM clients require.
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    Try modifying the AIM/MSN port settings to port 80. This is a common way to get around company restrictions in IM. It may work for you too.
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    PDA Net seems to be rather flaky. It keeps crashing my computer. Do you guys see this?

    Port 80 works for AOL, I can't figuer out how to get MSN to pick it up. What server do you use?


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