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    Hey all,

    Does anybody else feel a little short changed by Handspring/Palm when it comes to the T600. Im lucky enough to have both a T600 and SonyEricsson P900, and as far as packaging goes there is just no comparison.

    In the box with the P900.

    2 spare stylii
    A quality set of stereo headphones/handsfree kit
    Screen cleaner
    Good quality holster with belt clip
    2 cd's worth of useful apps.

    In the box with T600

    Appalling mono headset
    Crappy holder
    1 cd of apps.

    Having used both phones its obvious to me that the T600 is by far the better phone - indeed i love it. The SE P900 has a much better screen and has BT, but its UI is hideous and it suffers a terrible lack of memory.
    The T600 has a great interface and is able to run much better apps but i feel let down in the respect that you dont get a whole load for your money.

    My Treo has suffered from the usual faults - Poor GPRS service, buzzing and echoes etc which i managed to solve largely with FW 3.04. However i now need a replacement because of a broken speaker. doh!

    What do you guys think about it - do you feel a little ripped off?
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    Duh! Of course.
    Plus let's not talk about the price (for a phone that has to be replaced a million times) and the amount of money you'll have to spend on softwares that fix it's short comings.
    But at the end of the days it is what it is, a good phone

    None other can compare to the Treo600.
    It's just messed up that after thse people (Handspring) had such a long time to test out their product (did you see how long they took to release it) they couldn't do a better job at it.

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