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    Hi guys,

    I am visiting Canada for three weeks in June/July and was wondering if it was straight forward, or possible, to buy a Pay as you go SIM card from one of the Canadian Carriers.

    Here in the UK it is possible to walk into any mobile phone shop and purchase a Pay As You go SIM card for about 10 and then buy vouchers to put on that SIM card. Doing so should help reduce the cost of any text messages and phone calls i need to make.

    I have a Treo 600 GSM (from Orange UK) which is locked to Orange in the UK. Do you think it would work with a Canadian GSM Carrier or do I need to get it unlocked first?


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    You will need to get your Treo unlocked before it will accept a sim from another company. If you do get it unlocked you can use a Fido pay as you go sim while in Canada
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    Excellent, thanks for that.

    Will I be able to buy the SIM from any mobile phone shop?
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    Hi folks. New to Treo Central, as I have been a proud Treo owner for about a month. :-)

    The two Canadian providers that supported the Treo platform in Canada were Fido and Rogers. Both offer pay as you go services. Unfortunately, both charge $50 for a new SIM card in addition to the cost of the prepaid cards (different options ranging from $10-$50). Fido charges by the second, while Rogers charges by the minute (being the biggest makes them a little arrogant).

    Drawback to Fido is that it doesn't have the same broad national coverage that Rogers offers. Where are you going to be in Canada?

    My Treo uses a Rogers SIM card, but I have a second phone (that I use sparingly) that uses a Fido card for pay-as-you-go service.
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    Hi hotbranch,

    Thanks for the advice about the SIM cards. I'm not to sure about whether to get one or not now. I spoke to Orange (my UK network provider) and they wont give me an unlock code unless I pay for the rest of the contract plus 20. Orange roaming tarrif for Canada is 1.10 a minute which is a little over $2.50 (although they do charge by the second).

    I am going to be starting my vacation in Vancouver and then moving North to Whistler and surrounding areas then back down to Vancouver Island.

    I think I will end up just using pay phones, Internet cafes and sending the odd text message using my Orange SIM.

    Thanks for all the help.
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    Interesting. I can't say that I am surprised, but I don't think you need to go to the lengths that Orange wants you to. I was able to find unlock codes for Treo 180 fairly easily online, so I suspect that it's possible with the Treo 600.

    Fido's coverage in BC is better than I expected. Here's a map of their coverage (

    Of course, that doesn't solve your basic problem of paying throught he nose for a SIM card on top of the prepaid service cards. Digital roaming costs for Fido are inexpensive, even if you're outside your local area. Analog roaming is more expensive, but not the $2.50 per minute (or 4.16 cents per second). Browse Fido's site (, to learn about roaming rates and other costs, which might be the impetus to find an unlocking code.

    Pay phones? What in the world are those? ;-)
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    I believe that both and charge CAD$25 for a SIM card.

    I setup a Rogers payasyougo (TDMA not GSM - so no SIM card required) account for $0 by calling them directly... I recently enquired with Rogers and they told me a SIM card would cost CAD$25 by phone, or CAD$25-$35 through a retail outlet with no setup fees.

    And more recently I setup my own paygo Fido account with a free $0 SIM over the phone by having a friend refer me. Otherwise the Fido SIM would have cost me CAD$25 with no setup fees.

    Both Rogers and Fido have retail outlets and apparently they offer SIM cards, along with the required airtime cards... but I have never used that option.

    But... like other posters mentioned, you will have to unlock your Treo first.
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    Are the SIM cards sold on Ebay legit? Can you bring one into a Rogers store in Canada and get them activated for Pay-as-you-go?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mkd
    Are the SIM cards sold on Ebay legit? Can you bring one into a Rogers store in Canada and get them activated for Pay-as-you-go?


    I've never seend that before. I guess it would be buyer beware.

    Maybe call Rogers and see what they say about unactivated SIMs... you could end up paying 50% less than going through Rogers.

    Thanks for the tip though.
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    I recently purchased a similar SIM for Cingular off ebay with no problems. The guy running that auction is a power seller with over 600 feedbacks, of which 98.9 are good. It's always good to play the buyer beware scenario, but usually the power sellers are about making things right if something is wrong, they don't want negative feedback to tarnish their image.
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