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    can someone please tell me how I can delete file extensions (.prc .pdb) that i no longer need.

    When you download trials or even full version (paid) softwares and delete them for what ever reason, some sort of file belonging to that software stays behind. When you try to delete it (I tried via ZLauncher's file manager) it says it's protected and I can't delete it.

    Is there some sort of File Manager or app that will allow me to delete these strings?
    It doesn't take much space but after a while it adds up.
    Also, there are too many and some even clash with other apps.

    Can someone help?
    Thanks in advance.
    (Sorry if I[m repeating threads, but I searched on this matter and found nothing)
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    You can use FileZ or FileCaddy, these are freeware. The other utilities you may want to get are Uninstall Manager and/or Cleanup. These last two would only work for tracking new installs ( software installs after you installed the Cleanup or Uninstall Manager.)

    Be careful though, you may delete something that your Treo actually needs. So if you have an SD backup, move the item you are deleting to the SD before getting rid of it forever.
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    I'll try them out and see how they work out.

    I thought that ZLauncher's File Manager was the same as Filez (or similar).
    But I'll try and see if it works better.
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    I have found that ZLauncher's file manager will delete the protected files after a soft reset.
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    ZLauncher's File Manager is basically the same as FileZ.
    I use it because I already bought ZLauncher.
    I usually recommend FileZ if someone is looking for a freeware solution.
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    Yeah but Zlauncher doesn't let me delete certain files.

    Like if I delete an app it always leaves behind some file...when i try to dlete it, it says that it's protected.
    Personally I don't want to do a soft reset everytime I need to delete one of these (which are many with all the stuff I add to my Treo).

    Aren't soft resets bad??? Why else would people make it such a big deal when they get a soft reset.

    So Moviegene, you're saying that Filez will not help me with the protected files? And that if I have Zlauncher it's the same as Filez.
    I don't want to download it and end up with yet another protected file left behind when I come to realise that it's the same as ZLauncher's File Manager
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    If files were in use, for example some a68k files, you can't delete them without doing a soft reset.
    I've also run into some tmp files that say they are protected until a soft reset.
    This is similar to a lock file generated with Microsoft Office products.

    FileZ and ZLauncher's file manager both pretty much function the same. If something hasn't released control of a file, it could still be considered in use, and that's why it comes up as protected.
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    Dang. I really don't know what I would do without this forum

    So you're saying soft resets are inevitable?

    Thanks so much for your help.
    Off to soft Resets I go

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